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Challenge Accepted

Jyoti Bhatia
Jyoti Bhatia

Life is full of challenges. I was challenged with the most dreadful one – “Cancer”. I believe one can easily fight cancer with the strong will power which works as miracle along with the medical treatment.

Dear readers, I am Jyoti, running a boutique in south Delhi. It was May, 2011, when while changing I noticed my underarm area turning blue. I thought the color of some kurti might have bleed. I ignored it. But very next morning I felt the need to discuss the same with my mother-in-law. She asked me to consult our family doctor. I visited the doctor & she advised me to get mammogram done. I got the test done and showed it to the doctor. They further recommended for biopsy.

Although my doctor asked me to relax & said there is no need of any further treatment. But my husband was not satisfied with her advice . We decided to take opinion of other doctor. I knew Dr. Rajinder kaur who is my boutique’s client. I discussed with her about the reports. She called me to Apollo hospital next morning and after observing my reports she suggested FNAC. After two days doctor revealed that reports were not good & I need to get operated as soon possible. I had an appointment at visa office as we had planned family trip to London. From there I went to the hospital along with my mother in law & husband. After knowing all the problem, my mother in law started crying and told doctor about the trip but she suggested I should undergo surgery first to remove the tumor. 

Then next morning I got admitted & got my surgery (breast preserving surgery) done on 12/12/12. After the surgery, my biopsy reports revealed early stage cancer and my next treatment plan was 8 chemos & radiations. Dr Rajinder and her team gave me tremendous emotional support at every step of my treatment and this helped me overcome the trauma. Chemotherapy were really tough. I suffered from low blood pressure, vomiting & dehydration. But at the same time Dr Rajinder helped me to deal with all side effects of medication. She used to educate me about the side-effects before every chemotherapy and counselled me how to relax, meditate and focus on my inner strength. 

I used to visit other patients in the hospital who were also taking chemo, talk to them, take their suggestions as well. This really helped me a lot. I suffered the most in my last two chemos as my body had become very weak. My biggest fear was the loss of my hair. But I fought my fear with different styles of wigs to overcome my dull looks due to weakness. This also boosted confidence in me. None of my clients & friends could judge that I was suffering from such a dreadful disease. Having sensitive skin, radiotherapy was worst. My skin got blisters & burns . 

I used to sleep in air conditioner, even in month of december during radiations. And finally, after radiations my treatment was completed. Today 8 years have passed since I was diagnosed with cancer, and I am living a healthy and happy life. I feel blessed to come out of this disease as a fighter. I can say I won the challenge with sincere determination, courage & support of my family and my doctor. Dr Rajinder is truly a blessing in my life. I am completely fine now. 

Of course, it was unfortunate that I had to go through so much pain but at the same time it taught me many good things of life. It helped to understand that life is unpredictable. God sent Dr Rajinder as a sister to me in my life who not only save me but guide me through out my life. Above all, it made me believe that ”hope” is one of the strongest thing in the world like love. Its so strong that it can give meaning to our life. To sum up, yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is gift of God.