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My mother got new lease of life

Patient, Manjeet Kaur

My mother Manjeet Kaur was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in August 2020. This news came as a shock to our family and for a moment I had lost hope. Fortunately we contacted Dr. Rajinder Kaur Saggu and took an appointment with her. She very patiently and objectively explained the course of the treatment to us. I remember I was visibly shaken, she re-ignited hope in me and my family with her expert advise that my mother will be fine.

The surgical process performed by her was very successful, smooth and no issues were faced. Dr. Rajinder is very caring and understanding, her staff is also very cooperative and helpful. She also provided excellent post surgery care during follow up visits. She helped organize the entire treatment on our request with her expert team of Doctors which again went very smooth.

Based on my experience I would say she is one of the best Surgical Oncologists in Delhi. I always felt free to discuss any concern related to the medical procedure with her. She is very open, frank and approachable. She assuaged all our fears and scientifically cleared all our doubts and concerns. She always lent a personal touch to the patient and her family in all our consultations. I would highly recommend Dr. Rajinder to all patients.

Dr. Rajinder is a thorough professional and is equally caring and understanding of her patients and their family’s concerns. The best quality she possesses is that she as a Doctor is very accessible and we could contact her whenever we faced any issue. She forms a personal bond with her patients and regularly follows up on their health and condition which we really liked.

I would also like to sincerely thank Dr. Rajinder Kaur from the bottom of my heart for giving a new lease of life to my mother and my family.  My family will always remain indebted to her for her kind help and support. I will pray to almighty and wish her and her family continued success, health and prosperity.

– Pawandeep Singh